Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Atomic Elbow: Issue 16

Hi, everyone.

Issue 16 is done. This one's jam-packed with excitement. Are you ready to read a list of the contents? If not, please do whatever you need to do to get ready, or maybe go to another website. Because this website's about to list the contents of The Atomic Elbow Issue 16.

First, let's talk about the cover.

Look at that. It's great, right? I hope you said or thought "right" after you read that question, because "right" is the correct answer. This issue's cover was done by my friend Joey Weiser, who makes, among other things, a comic called Mermin. You should check his work out. You will like it.

Now let's talk about what's inside.

I went to Chicago and I wrote a thing about it.

You know who I saw in Chicago? A bunch of people. One of whom was (and is) Scott "Star of Savage" Holland. He wrote a thing about some wrestling we saw.

Michael Francis interviewed the people who make the How 2 Wrestling podcast.

Benjamin Welton wrote about the time Brian Pillman pulled a gun on "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

Carlos Valdez interviewed Mike Watt about wrestling. Mike Watt is one of the greatest people to ever live, so you know this is gonna be good.

JRC is back with an article about M.U.S.C.L.E.

I interviewed Kenny Omega.

Kieran Shiach wrote about millennials, but I'm too old to understand it. That was a joke. Maybe.

There's more great stuff in this issue from Ɓukasz Kowalczuk.

And, as has come to be a tradition around here, there's a drawing from the Hand of Beaver.

Wow, that's a LOT of stuff, and it can all be yours by visiting the Atomic Elbow Online Store and giving me some of your money. ALSO, there's a comic by Box Brown in this one, but you're gonna have to buy a copy to see it. It's a SECRET COMIC. Why not do that right now?