Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hooded Sweatshirts and Windbreakers. Preorder! Hubris!

Who do I think I am, exactly?

I'm still not too sure about that, really, but I am going out on a limb to see how much you like the thing I do.

I have decided to have some zip-up hooded sweatshirts and windbreakers made. I hope you will buy them. They will look sort of like this:

Did you notice how I said they "will" look "sort of" like that picture? That is because they don't actually exist yet. I'll be honest with you... these things cost too much to make and then hope people will buy them. I don't want to have a few odd sizes of these garments in a box in my house because all of a particular size didn't sell. So I have decided to do a pre-order.

I feel really weird about asking you for money for a thing that is not real yet. I am sorry for that. I suppose the only thing I can hope for is that you will trust me on this one. I promise to do my best to not mess this one up.

So here is what is going to happen: I will take pre-orders for these items for three weeks and three weeks only (well, maybe a little longer. Pre-orders will close on February 20, 2015). At the end of that time, I will send the quantities and sizes that have been ordered off to the good people (and Chris Reject) at Lehigh Valley Apparel Creations and they will make them. That should take a couple of weeks. Then L.V.A.C. will send them to me, and I will pack them up and send them to you.

Speaking of which... These things are heavier than anything I have made before, so I have to charge more than I would like for shipping. I promise I'm not trying to rip anybody off with this. I have been plugging numbers into the USPS website all day trying to figure this out, and I think that it'll cost around $7 to ship these.

I'm going to charge $25 for either the hoodie or the windbreaker. I hope that's a fair price.

One more thing: If you want to order things at the same time as one of these pre-order items, that's great. Thank you. But I will hold the rest of your order until the pre-ordered part is ready to ship. It just makes more sense to my brain that way. I'm sorry about that. That's the way I'm going to have to work this to stay sane.

It really makes me feel sort of good that you guys seem to want to wear the logo of a thing that I helped make happen. Some of you may even wear it outside of your houses. I can't express how weird that feels to me, and how grateful I am to you for supporting my half-baked ideas. You're a good person. Now, give me your money.