Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Atomic Elbow: Issue 20

Hello again.

This is pretty significant to me because this represents the end of the first five years of The Atomic Elbow's existence. It feels pretty good. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next five are going to look like.

Anyway, let's not get too sentimental. Let's talk about Issue 20. Look at that cover. The front and back covers on this thing are by Golden Cathedral Venom of Golden Harvest Industries, which is a fun name to have. It's real mysterious.

There's also art in this one from Ioan Morris:

There's a comic from Corwin Gibson:

There's an article and illustration from Dylan Chadwick:

There's another installment of the "music about wrestling" series, but this one's all just Ed writing about The Mountain Goats:

My article about the USWA Championship Tournament concludes:

There's a comic from Josh Hicks:

There's art from Lukasz Kowalczuk:

There's an article in this one from Scott "Star of Savage" Holland, too. I guess I forgot to take a picture of that one. But it's in there, and it's good. Trust me.

Anyway, thanks for five years of whatever it is we've been doing here.

All this is waiting for you right now at The Atomic Elbow Online Store.

Friday, September 9, 2016

The Atomic Elbow Issue 19!

Hey, guys. It's here.

It's the 19th issue of The Atomic Elbow. I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out, and I think you will be, too. First of all, look at that cover! It's by Jethro Wall. So many forks! Once you get past that cover, you'll see Beaver's drawing of Okada.

That photo is obscured and blurry. You'll have to get your own copy to see how great this drawing actually is (hint... It is really great). This one starts out with an article by John Langmead about the movie Memphis Heat.

Scott Holland's here again. This time it's to tell you about the time he saw the birth of Austin 3:16.

We sent Michael Francis back out On Assignment to write about the recent WWE tour of Australia.

Benjamin Welton returns with a Pacific Northwest history lesson.

Ed Blair and I decided to listen to every single wrestling-related piece of pop music ever recorded and write about it. Get used to this one. It's gonna take us a while to get through all of it.

I wrote about the USWA's Championship Tournament.

There's an EXCLUSIVE excerpt of Łukasz Kowalczuk's new book in this issue. It's the first English-language publication of this material.

There are also MORE COMICS from Jason "Mister J." Conlan. It's fun for everyone and ALL OF THIS is still only five American dollars. Why not head on over to The Atomic Elbow Online Store and buy your copy right now!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Atomic Elbow: Issue 18!

There are now 18 issues of The Atomic Elbow. Here is the most recent one:

Just look at that cover! It's really good. It's by Jarrett Williams. There's more from him later.

Ben Welton is back, and he brought some SPOOOKY MONSTERS with him.

Nathan O'Brien has an interview with Tony Erba. I got worried that I spelled Natan's name wring in the issue, but I just checked and I didn't.

I have never been to Green Bay, Wisconsin, but Scott Holland has. He saw some wrestling matches there. Read all about it!

Michael Francis talked to William Regal about his career. It's a great article. Because William Regal and Michael Francis are great guys.

Remember Jarrett Williams? From earlier? Well, the third volume of his Super Pro K.O.! series comes out soon and there's an exclusive comic in this issue of The Atomic Elbow. That is exciting!

I wrote way too much about an ECW show from 1996. I had to make the pictures in this article really small to get the pagination for this issue to work out right. It's okay, though, because this article solves some important mysteries.

This issue is available right now at The Atomic Elbow Online Store. I would be really happy if you went over there and bought a copy or two.


Friday, March 18, 2016

The Atomic Elbow: Issue 17

Issue 17 is here!

My friend Patrick Dean did that cover. It's GREAT.

This issue features interior art from my friend Klon, but I'm not sure if Klon has a website. I'll have to ask him.

There's an interview with stand-up comedian, actor, podcast host, and former WWE writer Matt McCarthy.

Benjamin Welton is back again with an article about pre-Undertaker Mean Mark.

There's an NXT show report from Jared Cheek.

Avery Boysenberry talked to Jeff Cannonball about all sorts of stuff. That's in here, too.

There's another comic rom Łukasz Kowalczuk.

And there's some stuff about a wrestling show from the year 2000 in Australia. It had Dennis Rodman in it.

All of this can be yours by visiting The Atomic Elbow Online Store.

I've also reduced the prices of issues 9, 10, 11, and 12. And now here's the awkward part. You know I like you, right? Well, I do. I think you're super great. But because of the increase in postage rates as of the end of January of this year, I have added a dollar for shipping to the price of The Atomic Elbow. I don't feel great about this, but in order to keep doing this thing, I kind of have to do this. It's not you, it's me.

Anyway, I hope you will order things from me. It's fun for both of us!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Atomic Elbow Enamel Pins!


Check this out:

I had some 1.5" enamel pins made of Beaver's Atomic Elbow logo.

You can get one in The Atomic Elbow Online Store right now. Go for it!