Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Atomic Elbow: Issue 15

This is the part of the blog entry where I tell you some seemingly unconnected facts about things and then try to tie them in with the publication of the latest issue of The Atomic Elbow. Then I tell you about how you really don't care about those things and that you probably want to know about the new issue. Then I post a photograph of the cover of Issue 15.

Now I write about how that cover is by JB Roe and I tell you about how awesome he is. I also tell you that he did the back cover for this issue and it is really good, too.

Now I write briefly about the articles in this issue to try to make you interested in buying a copy. I will tell you that Scott Holland wrote an article about a restaurant and then I will post a photo of a copy of issue 15 open to that article.

The next couple of sentences are about Ed Blair's article about a CHIKARA show in Chicago. It is a good article about a fun event. Here is a photograph of a copy of Issue 15 open to the first page of Ed's article.

Pretend I made a joke about how I should have maybe obscured the text of these articles instead of "giving it away for free" on the internet. Then read some sentences about D. Louthen's Interview with Kevin Condron. This is a good interview and I think you will like it.

Following D.'s article is an article by Kieran Shiach about the WWE Diva's division. It is also about other things. I will tell you that this is a good article. I will write this because it is true, but I will also tell you that I think everything in this issue is good. Get ready for another photograph of some paper.

I am unhappy with the kerning of some of the letters in the title of Kieran's article, but it's been printed now, so there's not a lot I can do. Maybe here I will make a joke about that sort of thing and then provide an awkward transition into telling you that there is a comic by Ɓukasz Kowalczuk in this issue. It is also very good.

Now I will mention that I wrote a very long article about NWA Battle of the Belts 3 and maybe make a self-deprecating joke about how I think it is too long and not very good, but in truth, I think it is okay. Then another photo.

I will tell you that there is another drawing by The Hand of Beaver in this issue, but I will not show you the whole drawing. this is for "marketing" reasons. I am trying to get your money.

Some words here that will try to convince you, for the final time, to part with what I feel is a reasonable amount of money for all of the material that I have shown you. And now a link to The Atomic Elbow Online Store where you can purchase this issue and more (if that is what you want to do.)

Finally, a short note about how much I appreciate your support. This will probably sound hollow and insincere. I will try to tell you that I really do mean this, but the impression of insincerity will only grow when you read that. That is how these things work. A final reminder that I hope you will buy this fanzine., and maybe fun joke to end this blog entry.