Friday, November 9, 2012

So, I have these t-shirts...

Hey, you know how you like wearing shirts? Or, maybe you don't like that. In which case, you know how the social contract kind of dictates that you put a shirt on when you go out in public? Well, I'm sure you have many, many fine shirts in your wardrobe, but I would like to suggest that you maybe add another one to the collection. I hope that's not too forward of me. You see, I have some shirts here that have the name of my wrestling fanzine and a wrestling related image on them.

I almost typed that I made these shirts, but other than editing the fanzine named in the shirt's image, I basically did nothing to make these shirts exist. The art was created by the UK's greatest living visual artist who has ever designed a t-shirt for my wrestling fanzine, Sean Wárs. Here's a better look at that art before it was changed to line art for screen-printing purposes:

You guys, I have no idea how to type that diacritical mark over the "a" in Sean's name, so I have to google and copy/paste it every time I type it. I should probably learn to use my computer. Oh, wasn't I writing about t-shirts?

So, these shirts were designed by Sean Wárs and screen-printed by my friend Mike. I was going to help him do it, but we couldn't ever work out our schedules and Mike is super nice so he just went ahead and did it himself. He didn't have to do that. Mike is awesome. Mike runs a record label called Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records and you should click on that link and buy lots of stuff. Oh, but also buy one of my shirts. I'm getting to that part.

This is a die-hard limited edition t-shirt. There are only 40 of them. I'm only going to sell 32. This means that I'll be selling 8 each of sizes small, medium, large and extra large. I know that some people will want a shirt that is outside of this size range and I'm seriously sorry that I cannot accomodate you right now. If these sell well, I'll probably do another run in different colors that will include a wider range of sizes.

And now we come to the delicate matter of payment. Look, I feel pretty bad about asking you to give me money for the "privilege" of walking around with an advertisement for my 'zine on you. Most t-shirts people wear are basically billboards, and when you think about it, paying for a t-shirt with a logo on it is essentially the same as giving Pizza Hut or whatever a handful of cash and then they get to paint a Pizza Hut ad on your roof. They've got your money and you're doing their promotional work for them. That's a pretty good deal, if you're Pizza Hut. So in this equation, I suppose I'm Pizza Hut. Sorry for being Pizza Hut, you guys. I probably shouldn't have typed all that. Maybe I just typed myself out of some sales.

Anyway, I'm going to have to charge money for these shirts. I looked around and it seems like ten dollars is a pretty fair price for a t-shirt, so I'm selling these for nine. The US Postal Service will charge me around $3.50 to mail these things to you in the US, $5.00 to Canada and Mexico, and $10.50 to send one to any destination not on the continent of North America.

So, buy some shirts at the Official Atomic Elbow Online Store. I'll send you a sticker, too.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012