Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I am going to go on a trip.

I kind of think that nobody really pays a lot of attention to things on the internet unless there are pictures accompanying the text, but I don't have any specific pictures for what I'm about to type, so I'll just put up some photos I have laying around my hard drive.

Hey! So, I'm going to this comic book convention this weekend.

"But Robert," you are probably thinking, "what business does a wrestling fanzine even have at a comic book convention? Aren't you just diluting the focus of the event and eroding the intense concentration on comics that Heroes Con has done an excellent job cultivating over the past few decades?"

Yeah, probably. But here is the thing. I run a comic book convention of my own with my friend Patrick and that is the reason I am going and also both issues of The Atomic Elbow have work by comics artists in them so, you know, whatever, imaginary dude...

So, while the focus of my presence at this event (which is a ridiculously awesome convention, by the way and I have an amazing amount of fun every time I go) will be on promoting FLUKE and the stuff FLUKE does, I will definitely have everything in the Atomic Elbow Online Store with me as well. And maybe some stuff that isn't in the online store will be for sale, too. You never know. So, if you're going to be at Heroes Con, please stop by FLUKE's tables in the "Indie Island" area. We'll be at tables AA-541 and AA-542, if that means anything to you.

So, when I go to the post office, I usually go during the day. It's not a long walk to the post office from the place where I work, but it gets hot and humid really fast in Georgia, so I usually go pretty early in the day. The reason I am telling you about this is that I usually ship all the online orders I received the previous day the next day when I take this walk. But I'm leaving super early Friday morning*, so I won't be able to go to the post office Friday. Any order I receive today will ship tomorrow, but after tomorrow (June 21st) I won't be shipping online orders again until Tuesday the 26th. So if you're reading this on Wednesday and you want to order something from me, maybe you should go do that now. No pressure.

*The reason I'm leaving so early Friday is because I have to go pick up the following awesome dudes who are also going to Heroes Con. Click on their names, visit their websites and buy lots of their things.
The aforementioned Patrick Dean.
Drew Weing.
Joey Weiser.
David Mack.

See you guys in Charlotte, maybe...

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