Monday, March 9, 2015

The Atomic Elbow: Issue 13

Issue 13 is here. If I were one of those weirdos that thought numbers had spooky powers, I guess this is the issue I would be afraid of. COWER IN FEAR, MORTALS!

Actually, don't. There's nothing to be afraid of. This is just a wrestling fanzine. You can't live your life in fear of a stack of paper with toner on it. You just can't. Now, LOOK AT THAT COVER. It's great! It was made by Sean W├írs. You've seen his art on fine Atomic Elbow products before, and I hope you will see it again. By now you're probably wondering what is inside of this thing. As of this writing I am the only person who knows the answer to this, but I will share that knowledge with you now!

There's an article from Michael Francis about the time he almost died and then went to a WWE show in Melbourne after he didn't die.

There's an interview with singer/songwriter from The Mountain Goats, John Darnielle. The new album from the Mountain Goats is called Beat the Champ, and it's about professional wrestling. That's great, because you love professional wrestling!

Scott "Star of Savage" Holland is back, and this time he's got a great interview with former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam "Scrap Iron" Pearce!

Speaking of NWA champions, there's a lengthy examination of the 1985 NWA Battle of the Belts. This show took place during an actual hurricane!

Beaver's illustration for this issue is on the back cover, which makes the outside of this thing look way better than I could possibly have imagined.

All of this, plus whatever else I feel like throwing in the envelope, is available now from The Atomic Elbow Online Store! The first unknown number of orders get one of these great stickers featuring art by Johnny Ryan!

What are you waiting for? ORDER NOW! (But seriously, no pressure. Do whatever you want.)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hooded Sweatshirts and Windbreakers. Preorder! Hubris!

Who do I think I am, exactly?

I'm still not too sure about that, really, but I am going out on a limb to see how much you like the thing I do.

I have decided to have some zip-up hooded sweatshirts and windbreakers made. I hope you will buy them. They will look sort of like this:

Did you notice how I said they "will" look "sort of" like that picture? That is because they don't actually exist yet. I'll be honest with you... these things cost too much to make and then hope people will buy them. I don't want to have a few odd sizes of these garments in a box in my house because all of a particular size didn't sell. So I have decided to do a pre-order.

I feel really weird about asking you for money for a thing that is not real yet. I am sorry for that. I suppose the only thing I can hope for is that you will trust me on this one. I promise to do my best to not mess this one up.

So here is what is going to happen: I will take pre-orders for these items for three weeks and three weeks only (well, maybe a little longer. Pre-orders will close on February 20, 2015). At the end of that time, I will send the quantities and sizes that have been ordered off to the good people (and Chris Reject) at Lehigh Valley Apparel Creations and they will make them. That should take a couple of weeks. Then L.V.A.C. will send them to me, and I will pack them up and send them to you.

Speaking of which... These things are heavier than anything I have made before, so I have to charge more than I would like for shipping. I promise I'm not trying to rip anybody off with this. I have been plugging numbers into the USPS website all day trying to figure this out, and I think that it'll cost around $7 to ship these.

I'm going to charge $25 for either the hoodie or the windbreaker. I hope that's a fair price.

One more thing: If you want to order things at the same time as one of these pre-order items, that's great. Thank you. But I will hold the rest of your order until the pre-ordered part is ready to ship. It just makes more sense to my brain that way. I'm sorry about that. That's the way I'm going to have to work this to stay sane.

It really makes me feel sort of good that you guys seem to want to wear the logo of a thing that I helped make happen. Some of you may even wear it outside of your houses. I can't express how weird that feels to me, and how grateful I am to you for supporting my half-baked ideas. You're a good person. Now, give me your money.

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Atomic Elbow: Issue 12

The twelfth issue of The Atomic Elbow is here. That's a weird word, "twelfth." No matter how many times I correctly type it, it looks like it's wrong. Always. I've been making The Atomic Elbow for three years now. That's weird. To me, at least.

Anyway, that's enough out of me about things. Let's see what's up with this issue!

Scott "Star of Savage" is back again, and this time he brought Colt Cabana with him!

Kieran Shiach came to America from the United Kingdom to watch some wrestling. He wrote about it for you and he got Kyle Starks to illustrate it.

I hope you guys like that garbage Hulk Hogan cartoon, because it's back again. Also tacos are involved. Trust me on this.

Wil Jones stayed in the United Kingdom and wrote about some wrestling that happened there. But there's a crossover event here, because Kieran is involved, too. Are they friends or enemies? YOU'LL HAVE TO READ IT TO FIND OUT! (They are friends.)

The Black Cat makes his triumphant return the the pages of The Atomic Elbow to tell you all about the illustrious NWA Western States Heritage Title.

The wait is over! You finally get to read the stunning conclusion of the rambling mess I wrote about the World Class Championship Wrestling Cotton Bowl Extravaganza 1986!

Beaver drew a picture of Vincent K. McMahon. It's great. His stuff always is.

Oh, and remember issue nine? It was out of print for a while, but now it is back in print!

All of this can be yours for only five American dollars! Don't delay! Head over to The Atomic Elbow Online Store and order yours today!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Atomic Elbow "Only Wrestling Is Real" Shirts Available NOW!

UPDATE: Okay, so the information below basically doesn't matter because these shirts are sold out now. There my be a reprint on a different color in early 2015.

Thanks to all of you.


I had some more shirts made.

They look like this:

That's pretty great, right? RIGHT. These were made by the good people at Lehigh Valley Apparel Creations and they look really good.

Here's a close-up of the print on the front. It's on the left hand side.

I added that ruler so you can see how big it is. If you're not in the USA or Zaire, you would probably recognize that size as approximately 10.5 centimeters.

Here's what the back looks like:

It's basically the best shirt. But here's the thing. There are only 30 of them. Now, I'm not saying there won't be more later, but I am saying that there are only 30 right now and a reprint of this spectacular design is not guaranteed. I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life, but if you want one, you should maybe get one now.

I'm going to charge $11 for these shirts, plus $4.00 shipping in the US. Is that fair? I hope that's fair. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I have to pay for envelopes. I used to just take them from work when I worked at the campus bookstore. I feel okay telling you that because they laid me off after working there for 10 years, and the envelopes I took were ones that had already been used by Cindy in the accounting department. Cindy got laid off, too. I have a job now and I like that place too much to take their envelopes. I hope Cindy is okay.

International friends, I'm sorry in advance for the ridiculous cost of shipping.

So, yeah, head on over to The Atomic Elbow online store and buy a shirt. And maybe some other stuff.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

STATUS REPORT: October 8, 2014

Here are some statements that are true:
  • *The "First Four Issues" collection is sold out and out of print. It might be reprinted, but honestly, I think I may have reached everyone I'm gonna reach with that material, so unless someone comes along and offers to work with me on a reprint, it might be gone for good.
  • *Issues 5 through 11 are in print and available right now from the online store.
  • *Issues 5, 6, 7, and 8 are limited to stock on hand and then I think I am going to allow them to go out of print as well.
  • *I have been asked whether I intend to collect issues 5, 6, 7, and 8 in a book. I would like to do this, but I'm not sure if it's necessary (see my comment above re: reaching everyone I'm gonna reach.) Also, given the cost of printing a book and the minimum quantities involved with the process, this is probably not something I can do without help.
  • *Speaking of all of this, if you know a publisher who might be interested in working with me on these collections, send him or her my way. 
  • *I still have a few t-shirts available for only eight dollars (plus shipping).
  • *Probably going to have a new Atomic Elbow t-shirt available this winter. Just in time for cold weather!
  • *Issue 12 will be out by the end of 2014. You guys keep reading this thing, so I have no plans to stop making it.
  • *I'm bad at marketing and I kind of hate money, but if you have a friend (or even an enemy) that you think would like my 'zine, maybe send them my way?
  • *Also, I'm trying to get more cool stores to sell my thing, like Bizarro Wuxtry in Athens, GA and Holy Mountain in Tulsa, OK to sell my 'zine. If you know of a cool place like these, send them my way.
  • *Sorry to keep asking you guys to do my marketing work for me. Also sorry to keep using the phrase "send them my way."
  • *For real, thank you for reading The Atomic Elbow. I never thought more than eight or nine people would be into this. Turns out I was wrong. There are at least eleven people reading this 'zine. Thanks to all of you forever.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Atomic Elbow: Issue 11


I'm not 100% sure what we did, but I do know this. There are now eleven issues of The Atomic Elbow. That's kind of weird, I guess, but also pretty awesome, even though that's kind of bragging a little bit. I shouldn't do that.


You know what's up. Issue Eleven is what's up!

Look at it! It looks good. It's yellow. Everyone likes yellow things. But what's on the inside? Well, I'll tell you!

Sam Mickens watched every single WrestleMania match featuring The Undertaker. Then he wrote about it for you. What an awesome guy he is!

Shawn Daughhetee wrote about Dolph Ziggler and how she thinks he is great. I like Shawn, and you should like Shawn, so the things that Shawn likes are also things that you should think about liking.

Scott Holland went to SummerSlam in 1994. It took him two decades, but he finally got around to writing about it.

Michael Francis is from the magical wonderland of Australia. Did you know they have wrestling there? Let him tell you about it, why don't you?

I don't know a whole lot about Texas wrestling in the 1980s, but that sure didn't stop me from writing about it. It was fun. Will I watch more? Will I write about it? You'll have to read this article to find out!

There's also more art by 11-year-old Black Cat.

And more amazing art from the Hand of Beaver.

Now, you're probably thinking that all of this has to cost at least thirty dollars. But you are wrong. All of this is still five American dollars, and that price includes shipping within the USA. What a bargain! You can get yours right now at The Atomic Elbow Online Store. Go get yours now!

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Tenth Issue of The Atomic Elbow

Look at that! It's the 10th issue of The Atomic Elbow. You know what happens now, right? I'm going to try to get you to buy it. I really think you should. It's good, and I think you would like it.

Let's take a look inside:

The inside covers have some drawings of wrestlers that The Black Cat (co-host of The Old School Wrestling Podcast) did when he was eleven years old.

There's a story about the time Corwin Gibson kind of went to Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan's wedding. Don't worry, it's not creepy. The whole thing was filmed for an episode of Total Divas.

Box Brown made a comic book biography of Andre the Giant. You've probably heard of it because it was a New York Times Bestseller. No big deal. This issue has an interview with Box and some never-before published pages that were too hot for his publisher to put in the book. Or maybe they were cut for space and pacing reasons. But I'm going to tell you it's because they were too hot. They weren't. But I'm going to tell you they were. Box Brown is an awesome dude. For real.

Our friend J. "Anonymous" Rex went to WrestleMania. Remember WrestleMania? It's this wrestling festival they have every year? Anyway, apparently it's a "thing." Read this article and find out what the heck is up with that whole thing...

I wrote about another episode of that Hulk Hogan cartoon. In this one, some children almost kill some pedestrians and then they beat up some cops. It's fun.

Chris Sims wrote an article about William Regal. That sentence should be all you need to convince your brain that you need to read this article. I mean, really.

If you're a living human being, you have probably wondered what happened on WCW's Nitro every time it was broadcast from Chicago. Luckily, Scott Holland's here to give you that information. Well, not here, exactly. What I mean is that his words are in this 'zine. You know what's up.

These pictures are getting kind of blurry because I was hungry and my dinner was sitting out on the table and I didn't want a cat to eat it. Sorry. What I'm not sorry about is this interview with the dudes from the band Vaderbomb by Avery Boysenberry.

There's also another illustration by the always magnificent Hand of Beaver. You're gonna love it. You'll probably love Chips & Beer magazine, too. Beaver's work is all over that thing.

All of this is still only five of your American dollars and that price includes domestic postage. I'm not sure how long I can keep that deal up, but it's still going on now and that's what matters.

So, fire up the ol' PayPal machine and head on over to The Official Atomic Elbow Online Store to get your copy today. I'll send you some stickers and stuff, too.