Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Atomic Elbow issue 8 is on sale now!

Hello again.

I made another issue, because that's what I do.

Maybe some of these photos aren't the best, but you know what ink on paper looks like, right? I'm counting on you for that much. You're one of the good ones. Always have been.

Anyway, wrestling fanzines, right? RIGHT!

Here's what this one's got for you:

More words about that infernal Hulk Hogan cartoon. That thing haunts my dreams. Anyway, you can read about it rather than watching it, and frankly anything you do to avoid watching it is a good plan. 

There's an article about everybody's favorite rapper John Cena by the Wil Jones, the editor of everybody's favorite action movie fanzine.

Scott Holland's back with an analysis of the 1994 Royal Rumble.

Issue 8 has an in-depth interview with Justin "Marion Fontaine" Nottke, the man behind The Extravaganza of Wrestling Exhibitions, among other things.

Kieran Shiach of the Have A Nice Day Podcast wrote an article about Biker Undertaker and Santino Marella (and some other stuff).

I went to the Superstars of Wrestling Fanfest in Rome, Georgia and wrote a little bit about it. Also some stuff about bookstore cats and Thai restaurants.

This one also has comics and drawings from the following artists:


So, yeah, maybe you would like to buy a copy? I hope you would like to do that. It's only five dollars, which still includes postage in the USA. Why not head on over to The Atomic Elbow Online Store and buy one now? We would both be glad if you did. (By "both," I mean both me and you. That sentence looks a little weird. It's not like I've got a "Basket Case" situation going on over here. I'm still just one dude. Anyway, thanks.)

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