Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ultramantis Black, Shawn Struck, and The Atomic Elbow in Rahway, New Jersey

The 100% awesome Zia Hiltey sent me this fan photo from the recent Chikara event in Rahway, NJ. If anyone reading this knows who that dude holding a copy of The Atomic Elbow is, let me know. Because His name is Shawn Struck, and he's pretty great.


  1. Hi, that's me, Shawn Struck, @shawnstruck on twitter. I tried messaging you about the zine, and asking about subscriptions. I LOVED the zine, the limited edition pins are being roudly displayed on my wall. I used to do odd zines on video games and pro wrestling and stuff, so seeing an honest to goodness zine made it a must purchase. or shawnstruck at gmail dot com

  2. I'm also glad you published this, because I've been waiting for a copy of that photo forever. So thanks. :)